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August 19, 2012  |  HueMan

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FORCE 129 / 4CE / 129 / FORCE

Current Location

Some Where on Planet Earth


San Jose | CA


Clout Graffiti Magazine, Gift 2 Gab Gallery

Primary Skill[s]

Art & Design, Painting, Drawing, Silk screening, Networking, Thinking Positive

Years Invested in Skill[s]

1995 Til' Infinity: 17 long + harsh years and counting with lots of ups + downs. A lot more good than bad times along with a handful of once in a lifetime opportunities.


When was the first time you fell in love with your talent?

It was just the other day, when I realized my Art lives it's own life + I love being able to create something from nothing. This is how it all went down that sunny Friday afternoon in downtown San Jose. 

My beautiful creative daughter refreshed my memory the other day of why I loved doing what I do, which is creating ART.

The first time I fell in love with my talent might not be this moment in my life but it helped me understand that it really does exist and have a life of it's own and that art communicates. It was just the other day when I picked up my daughter after school from high school and we went to go grub, when she had asked if I had known a kid at her school. She looked at me with a big smile and said, "Dad do you know a kid named ____?"  And I replied, " I'm not sure, but why do you ask? " As I smiled back– not knowing what her next question or comment would be. She went on to continue saying, " Man…Cuz he's obsessed with you he's probably your biggest fan! You wrote on his white shirt at a First Friday + he wears it at least 2 times a week to school [laughing] and has a button from you on his backpack. When I asked where he got the shirt from–he replied, "From a DOPE artist named FORCE 129!"" She then responded, "Do you know his real name?" as he shook his head. That was the opportunity that she proudly claimed,"THAT'S MY DAD".

It was a moment that I will never forget. I hugged her and thanked her for sharing that story with me which really made my day. I often let her know that I will always cherish that day for the rest of my life. As she relayed her story to me, I felt something between us that I never felt prior. That sense of pride she has + expressing to me that she recognizes what I do. In parallel, growing up I didn’t know much about what my parents did for money or work. Giving me a sense that she is aware of my life and passion for art makes me genuinely happy to be able to share this moment of reflection. 

Like many parent / child relationships, we often don't always see eye to eye. But this was one of those rare ocassions that will always be something that we both can hold on to. It really is an eye-opening experience, especially since she's following a similar path–attending the same San Jose high school that I did and contributing to the same rich history within our City. Whether or not I am written upon the pages of those historic notes, my self-wealth derives from the positive outcome that I have the honour of living and being able to stay in motion like the ocean without any plans of ending my 17 year run.

When was the first time you fell in love with the Culture/Community (involving your skill/talent)?

Recently, I took part in an Art Box Project for the city + felt honored to be able to paint anything I wanted on the utility boxes excluding letters. So I attempted to go all out + spent a week completeing the project using mixed media such as spray paint , acrylic , along with silk screening.

Is there any connection(s) to Family roots which contribute to your interest(s), shaping you as an artist?

Yes, growing up I moved around and I'm not complaining I feel like this was a good thing because I was able to get a taste of different
things going on. Like my mom living out of town & my dad living in Sj when I would come out here & goto the flea market or walk around downtown it was fresh because i was just getting into art and was heavily influenced by Alot of dope Artist such as "Aladdin" he had a bad ass mural on the eastside & a tattoo shop downtown And would find myself hanging out there getting influenced by his canvas work also My sister probably unknowing how much of an inspiration she was. Was a huge influence on me even finding out about what graffiti or spray can art or Art was and once I was introduced to it.... I was hooked like a croadad in the creeks I used to play in / Man I was addicted like it was a big brother to look up to or look forward to spending time with since I can last recall it was the early 90's when she had given me a black TRIBAL gear wind breaker jacket with the tradional Pashe TFL, TRIBAL Gear tag in white, & a sticker pack with some ill illustartions on flyers promoting there clothing line and flix of some of the dopest pieces I've ever seen from some of the best artist in San Diego Quasar & Persue, Zard, and Sever, Erni those names have stuck with me since day 1. when it was just me & my imagination I remember looking at these as if they were collector items well other kids were mesmorized by there baseball cards I had these hella FRESH items to stir up my imagination and change my life forever by knowing that I  could do this one day and possibly have the same effect on somebody made me wanna create something original from scratch to share with the world and hopefully one day have this same exact effect on someone when they see my art or read my story of how I got introduced to the love of my life Art & Design.

Who are the Top 2 major influences in your life that nurtured your creativity?

King157 & Sean Boyles they both are artist but live in two completely different worlds.

King157 inspires me by continuing to do what he does way before I ever picked up a spray can and is an icon in the graffiti movement worldwide & Sean Boyles for his awesome illustration & painting skills and his love for the arts and his recent opening of The Arsenal artist supply store in San Jose dude is obviously using his head and continuing to grow as a well rounded artist.

They both nutured my creativity Sean by sharing studio space with me and helping me grow as an artist King by creating visual eye candy on a wall or a canvas I have a collabo with each artist for my personal collecton of art. Thanks you guys for everything.

What is the most recent milestone in your career that is painting a new horizon for your future endeavors?

Recently I was referred to do a corporate gig design project & Live Painting for promoting RackSpace Cloud, and before that was able to do it again for Duarte, And also hand painted The San Jose Showroom sign in the newly built San Pedro Square Market in Downtown San Jose these have all been back to back projects that I've be fortunate to work on.


Do you feel that technology advances your craft and how do you use it to evolve as an artist?

Yes, I do believe that technology advances my craft by being able to create in my personal favorite design program Photoshop a variety of fliers, & t-shirt designs for myself & others and utilize social networks to share & think out loud to the universe 24 - 7 using facebook , twitter, blogspot, etc.

How do you feel about the current state of the Culture/Community that you are involved with? Do you feel the youth today have the same type of spirit and involvement that you did during your early years?

I think now a days in San Jose there's way more positive creative outlets and functions goin on and galleries and stores that cater to the culture. I'm proud to be apart of the culture & community that makes up San Jose.

Within the next year where do you think your craft is headed for yourself and where do you feel the rest of your counterparts are trending towards? Do you feel that you are adapting or innovating within the craft/industry?

I feel as if I'm adapting by getting involved with the city & innovating as well by designing along side of painting hands on and spending time in my studio has enabled me to grow as an artist in more ways then 1.

Culture over Cash. Many say this, but we have truly to be realistic about the extent of that statement. Do you feel that your practice this or find a steady balance in order to continue contributing with pure love and heart but have the means for survival?

Culture dosent pay the bills unfortanetly but cash does so it's a love hate relationship between both The cultures HELLA DOPE but that wont buy my kids school clothes or pay my phone bill but then again art & design do both of those and they are part of the culture but I lean towards cash but work with true love & passion for creating something from nothing on a daily basis since I don't have a regular 9-5 I work project to project to generate income and have been fortunate to be blessed to be able to have plenty of great opportunities.

What motivates you on a daily basis to constantly maintain your higher education in your craft? What is your mantra or muse?

What motivates me is knowing that I'm blessed with a creative skill that I can use on a daily basis to generate income rather then working a 9 to 5 day dreaming of doing Art & Design I think it's my positive attitude & all the creative people & friends I surround myself with thats my muse I stay thinking positive well working with everyone & on every project no matter the situation I look to the brighter side & figure out how to complete anything to the best of my knowledge & ability.


How long have you been established with your current company/crew? When developing it and adding on members, were you ever faced with the challenge of overgrowth and worried about that?

Painting & creating graphic design work for at least 10 years since working with Silicon Valley De-Bug which is were i picked up my design skills as part of the design team for the magazine. I look forward to growing as a company one day untill then taking baby steps and continuing to stay creative.

Within your career in practicing your craft, has there been that one person that you have constantly ran with side by side in order to build one another up? If so, who is that person and do you feel that because of them, you have obtained positive growth?

I tend to work alone and on my own schedule balancing my life with family & friends 1 day at a time. Knowing you can't make everyone happy.

5 Elements of Life Defined By FORCE.129


Something you hear that gets you goin or helps you get thru the day creating the sound track to ur life.


People that do what they do on the daily for the love & dedicate there time & energy towards what they believe in.


The generations past & present that make up the San Jose Art scene.


"Staying in Motion Like the Ocean"


My friends & family that have been supportive since day 1.



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