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August 14, 2012  |  HueMan

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Current Location

San Francisco, CA




It is based on an idiom that my close friends and I had started in San Diego.

Primary Skill[s]

Mold-making, spray paint, acrylic

Years Invested in Skill[s]

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. My first piece was 6 years ago, and I started making molds 5 years ago





When was the first time you fell in love with your talent?

I'm not sure, but the first time I was rewarded for my art was in 1st grade. I won first place for a clown painting I did.


When was the first time you fell in love with the Culture/Community (involving your skill/talent)?

I fell in love with graffiti and street art around 5th grade. I've been taking photos of it and collecting books and magazines since then.


Is there any connection(s) to Family roots which contribute to your interest(s), shaping you as an artist?

I have a crafty mother that makes her own clothing and shoes.


Who are the Top 2 major influences in your life that nurtured your creativity?

There have been a countless amount of major influences and it is something that is always changing. Because I am a mixed media artist, I take inspiration from many different types of artists and designers, so it is difficult to just name two. If I had to name two, I would choose Persue and Craola for their diverse portfolios. They both made an impact in the graffiti world and they are also amazing fine artists and designers.


What is the most recent milestone in your career that is painting a new horizon for your future endeavors?

15th and Valencia St. mural with Persue, Reyes, Lango, and Steel, and had my first live painting at Duarte Design's "Make Art/Drink Wine" festival.




Do you feel that technology advances your craft and how do you use it to evolve as an artist?

Yes. Technology is constantly evolving and it's fascinating. It's helped me discover other creative outlets that's fueled my growth as a mixed media artist. On top of being a valuable source of inspiration, it is also a tool for my design work and artwork.


How do you feel about the current state of the Culture/Community that you are involved with? Do you feel the youth today have the same type of spirit and involvement that you did during your early years?

The spirit will always be there, but it has definitely changed in many ways because of the internet. You have access to all of the different styles of graffiti and street art through a simple, quick search on Google. You can immediately see what is going on across the globe. Before the internet, you could only find it while you were exploring or in traditional forms of publications. Today, there is an extra source.


Within the next year where do you think your craft is headed for yourself and where do you feel the rest of your counterparts are trending towards? Do you feel that you are adapting or innovating within the craft/industry?

I am going to make a new series of paintings and continue to leave Byeguys wherever I go and paint whenever I get the chance to. Now, I have a 2 ft Byeguy mold so be on the lookout for those. I am also going to make a 4 ft one in the near future.

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is staying up to date on what is going on in the world of street art and graffiti. Every week there is something that blows my mind. MSK, AWR, TMD… There are so many crews and street artists that are putting out amazing work. I will always love something with perfect letter structure, but a current trend that I am really excited about is Graffuturism.

As far as I know, I am one of the few that has added 3 dimensional sculptures to murals. The other 3D street artists I can think of right now that I drew inspiration from are Invader and Slinkachu.


Culture over Cash. Many say this, but we have truly to be realistic about the extent of that statement. Do you feel that your practice this or find a steady balance in order to continue contributing with pure love and heart but have the means for survival?

Honestly, I have made very little money being a street artist/writer/artist. I support my passion by working as a designer using a completely different portfolio. If I can make the switch to being a full-time artist one day, I will.


What motivates you on a daily basis to constantly maintain your higher education in your craft? What is your mantra or muse?

Whenever I hear someone say BYEEEE.




Why do you feel people gravitate toward your projects and have proven to be influential?

I started putting Byeguys out in the world without knowing what type of feedback I would receive. As the time went by, I started noticing that they would be missing in spots that I put them up in, even though I was using permanent glue. It was frustrating at first, but later, I embraced the fact that people were interested enough to take it home with them. That is when I made the switch from glue to weatherproof double-sided tape. This made it easier for me to put up more and for people to move them around. When I started to write the URL on the back, I began receiving photos and emails from people who have put the Byeguy up in their homes or even in new locations.


Within your career in practicing your craft, has there been that one person that you have constantly ran with side by side in order to build one another up? If so, who is that person and do you feel that because of them, you have obtained positive growth?

ZINQ. Yeah, I've learned a lot from him and we continue to push each other in every creative activity we are ever involved in.



5 Elements of Life Defined By BYE.GUY


An auditory art and entertainment that I cannot live without.


I think most people would say plastic doesn't have a soul but I think my plastic Byeguys have a soul.


Culture makes you feel alive.


Nothing would ever be accomplished without this.


Gotta be familiar with the roots.




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